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Build and Operate a Magnetic Power Generator

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How to Build and Operate a Magnetic Power Generator – Saving Money on Electricity Every Month!

By Vera Lopez  |   Submitted On February 10, 2016


The magnetic power generator has been known to be a very reliable source of electricity over the past few years. Indeed with the advent of technology more and more people have started building their own generators since it is quite easy to do. They are sometimes known as perpetual magnetic generators since they provide a constant source of energy for the home. It is good that we understand the basic principles that govern the production of electricity from this magnetic power generator.

The basic principle is that of the law of magnetism. Here it is known that similar poles will always repel each other while unlike or dissimilar poles will always attract each other. In the power generator as this process takes place between the magnets that are in there, the more of the power that is generated to power up our homes. It is this energy that is produced which is known as Perpetual Motion.

Indeed Perpetual Motion is a kind of motion that continuously stays in motion without the need for any external energy or help of any sort. It does not need any stopping too. The perpetual motion that is being made use of here normally creates more of the energy than it actually utilizes. This means that there is always an extra energy left. It is this extra energy which is left that is used to produce electricity for our devices and homes in general.

Apart from the fact that you can make your own magnetic power generator in the comfort of your home, there are other means that you could also use. It is now possible to avoid all the hard work and toil of making your own by just visiting any of the websites that sell any of these machines. If you still want to do it yourself you could get a website that has the right procedure in making the magnetic power generator. In fact most of them will offer you an easy-to-follow guide with step by step instructions to generate free electricity and this will help you build your machine in only a matter of hours.

All in all, you could get all the materials needed in your local hardware store at a cheap and affordable price. On the whole, the cost of building should not exceed $120. After following the laid down procedure, you should be able to charge the battery in a few hours.

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